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Hiring for the Next Generation

Job seekers and employers, communicate who you are in 2 minutes. KangarooStar Post does the rest. KangarooStar Post is all about creating meaningful career connections! Give us your authentic self, and we’ll give you career options.


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CALLING ALL: Graduates, recent graduates, undergraduates, career-confused, highly motivated, entry level, interns, analysts, and more.

Welcome to KangarooStar Post, the future of job matching. Our innovative platform connects employers with job seekers using video technology, allowing both parties to get a better sense of who they are working with before making a hiring decision.




Why We're Needed

We bring authenticity to the hiring process.


Do you struggle to find an effective way to connect with your desired labor force? KangarooStar Post offers a new hiring solution that showcases your open positions and company culture through VIDEO and algorithm-based matching. Our platform provides a unique, engaging way to connect with potential hires, making it easier for you to find the best fit for your organization. KangarooStar Post is also fast, connecting you with job seekers and their video introductions immediately. Video speeds up the assessment of a match. The key to success: be authentic with your videos and posts!

Job Seekers

Are you frustrated by the traditional, resume-centric approach of job boards? KangarooStar Post offers a new approach to job searching, by allowing job seekers to learn about job opportunities through videos, giving them a chance to see the environment and culture of a potential employer before committing to an interview or job offer.

KangarooStar Post

Post grad. Post jobs. Post videos. KangarooStar Post is the future of job matching. Sign up to be the first to experience the power of KangarooStar Post! Trying the new and different often leads to success these days. 😄

Our secret

Using deep and diverse industry experience and cutting-edge research, KangarooStar was designed from the ground-up to ensure that the inputs we use to facilitate matches lead to a cycle of learning that improves matches for job seekers and employers.

At KangarooStar Post, we have added a critical component to our hiring process for recent graduates, just graduates  and undergraduates – VIDEO.  We believe that video has the power to educate and inform in a better way, helping job seekers and employers better communicate what they offer.

Our special sauce is a quick and algorithmically reinforced match of job seekers and employers based on: authentic Video + Interests + soft and hard Skills + preferred Location.

KangarooStar Post is the future of hiring.

Job Seekers: See Your Future

Calling all graduates, recent graduates, undergraduates, career-confused, highly motivated, entry level, interns, analysts, and more.

  • Communicate who you are beyond a resume and job experience.  What about your motivation, curiosity and drive? We care a lot about these qualities!! We also want to see you in action – be it skateboarding, playing soccer, teaching a class, leading a group discussion.  Give us insight into your world!
  • Give us your video personal statement + your interests + your soft skills + your hard skills and we’ll show you your world of possibility! We guarantee that there are jobs you would like but just don’t know about.
  • Enjoy a video lens into a variety of jobs.  Through video learn about an actual day in the life of a job as well as employer work environments and values.
  • Seeing is believing.

Employers, Revolutionize Your Hiring Process

  • Showcase your company culture and open positions in a dynamic and engaging way.
  • Find the perfect fit for your organization by matching with job seekers based on their interests, skills, and location preferences.
  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your hiring process with video interviews.
  • Say goodbye to resume-centric job boards and hello to personalized matching.

Join the future of job matching!

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