Tips for Self Video

KangarooStar Post helps you connect to jobs based on your INTERESTS and introduces you to meaningful career connections via VIDEO.

It lets you be YOU, and helps you SEE meaningful job opportunities!

The Most Important Components to Your Self Video

Introduce us to YOU!

Your Name (“Hi my name is…..”)

Your Interests and Passion (“I love working with people, love hospitality….”)

What you bring to the table (“I learn quickly and work hard.”)

More Tips for a ROCK SOLID Self Video Presentation

Tip number 1

The focus is YOU.

First thing first, your video representation should focus on you, that’s why it should have a clean, simple backdrop. A clean wall works perfectly. As an alternative you might use bookshelves as your backdrop but again you don’t want anything to distract us from seeing you. You have stuff going on in your background, the person who is watching might start wondering what’s going on in your closet, what is there on the pictures on the wall, etc. We don’t want that.

Tip Number 2


Great lighting does magic. So make sure you lit well. The best light there is – is for free. It’s daylight, so use it. You can even shoot your video outdoors, just make sure it’s not too loud and we can hear you well.

If you happen to have a ring light- awesome, but again not necessary.

Tip Number 3

Great audio

Make sure we hear you well. There is no noise in the next room or street sound that distracts us from you.

Tip Number 4


You don’t need a professional camera to shoot your video presentation. Smartphone cameras will do just fine.Just make sure you clean the camera lens to ensure the image is clear and not blurred. Shoot video in high resolution in landscape mode ( horizontal).

The camera should match your eyeline. Look directly into the camera.

Tip Number 5


Tight chest wide framing. Torso up. Or half body frame. Think of a square, where you are right in the center of the picture. Just like on your ID. Smart phones allow you to crop your video and cut unnecessary details and center you in the frame.

Tip Number 6


Casual conservative/formal. Avoid bright colors and prints that will distract us from YOU.

Tip Number 7

Storytelling. Authenticity. Tempo.

Think about what you’re going to say in advance. Write it down. Read it out loud. Time it.

Your video should be under 1 minute and give us an idea who you are and want us to learn more.

We recommend using the SAU rule. Three facts about yourself. Simple, amazing, useful.

For example,

Simple. I am an acting coach.

Amazing. I climbed Angels landing point in Zion national park, Utah.

Useful. I can teach you how to cook roasted duck with green apples. Or even better I can teach you how to bring your best authentic self on camera using acting chops.

Bottom line all three facts should make the listener raise their brow and make them learn more. This rule brings your authentic self.

What is authenticity anyway? It’s a unique expression of yourself. What makes you YOU.

In KangarooStar we strongly believe this is the key in finding the job or career of your dreams.

As strange as it may sound you are not trying to get a job. You are looking for a career match.

You are telling the story. Most importantly it is your story. Speak with distinction. Medium tempo.

Imagine who you are talking to.

Here comes a life hack. It is always one person that you imagine you talk to. Think of a good friend or a person you love and tell them your story. This will build a human connection with the viewer and will ground you if the camera makes you nervous.

Tip Number 8

Smile and have fun! 🙂