Our Secret

Video + Interests + Skills + Location


Computer scientists and mathematicians have long recognized that the best analytical techniques cannot compensate for inferior “inputs.” The saying holds that “garbage in” leads to “garbage out.” Using deep and diverse industry experience and cutting-edge research, KangarooStar was designed from the ground-up to ensure that the inputs we use to facilitate matches lead to a cycle of learning that improves matches for job seekers and employers.

At KangarooStar Post, we have adding a critical component to our hiring process for recent graduates, just graduates  and undergraduates – VIDEO.  We believe that video has the power to educate and inform in a better way, helping job seekers and employers better communicate what they offer. 

Our special sauce is a quick and algorithmically reinforced match of job seekers and employers based on:
authentic Video + Interests + soft and hard Skills + preferred Location.  (maybe insert icons)

KangarooStar Post is the future of hiring.