Letter from the Founders

Welcome to KangarooStar Post, a video-centric and algorithm-based job matching app revolutionizing the job search process for recent graduates, just graduates, undergraduates and employers looking for entry-level or trainable talent!

Why we are needed.

Job Seekers are unsure of their career options; lack an effective learning tool to expose them to jobs and that match their interests; and are frustrated by a process that has historically focused on a paper resume as opposed to their interests, motivations and potential.  Video is an effective tool to helping job seekers communicate what they bring to employers – and has the potential to help overcome many obstacles in the job search process. 

Employers currently do not have an effective medium to connect with this next generation labor force.  Employers also require a service that delivers an authentic picture of what their organizations and their jobs offer to candidates.  Employers will learn that the benefits of video are significant and measurable.  Employers can authentically communicate and market their culture, industry and the role they seek to fill (day in the life of) to eager recent grads while also quickly getting a sense for job seeker interests and skills.    

The core principle that animates everything we do at KangarooStar is the recognition that work—and the places we work—contribute not just to our livelihoods, but to our self-esteem and general happiness. Each person is a unique combination of skills, capabilities, needs, and preferences. Similarly, organizations vary in their capabilities, needs, and preferences as they strive to create and capture value.

KangarooStar Post recognizes that video can be used to educate and communicate throughout the job search process, and we hope that by bringing authentic voices into our process we will create better, faster job matches.

Our primary mission is always the same – to help job seekers and employers find meaning and fulfillment at work by facilitating better matches.

It is our belief that, when it comes to jobs and candidates, there is such a thing as a perfect fit.

Let us help you find what or who you’re searching for!

In your service,

The KangarooStar team