What’s Involved in a Background Check?

Most of the jobs we source for at KangarooStar require background checks, especially for executive and personal assistant roles.

What is a background check? What does it show? And should you be wary of submitting to one?

Background testing is a necessary step for many companies and individuals, and is only meant to keep out people who could be a risk to their employer.

To complete a background check, you’ll provide identifying data (SSN, fingerprints, etc.) to a search company, which they use to source your official records from government databases. A pre-employment background search will mostly be searching for:

  • Criminal history (felonies/misdemeanors, any incarceration, arrests pending prosecution, etc.). NOTES: These records will not include any juvenile convictions or detention. Many states forbid reporting on criminal records that are more than seven years in the past.
  • Confirmation of previous work 
  • Proof of education and accolades
  • Proof of professional certifications

Relating to personal assistants (PAs)

Working as a personal assistant requires a lot more trust on the behalf of the host family, so PAs are required to pass a Level 2 background check. In addition to the standard pre-employment background search above, these include

  • Juvenile convictions
  • Drug testing
  • Consultation of the sex offender registry

Should you be wary? Not if you’ve kept your nose clean! And if you haven’t? Be honest upfront. Tell your future employer what your background check might reveal and let them know how you’ve changed/grown from your past. Honesty is the best policy here!