How Do You Hire Entry-Level Talent? 

Hiring entry-level talent can be a challenging task. Filtering assessments and algorithms can only do so much to find the right candidate for the job. In addition, companies do not always have the time or resources to interview all the candidates. Many companies recruit entry-level talent, and many suitable candidates have the skill sets companies are looking for. However, it is not an easy task for companies to identify entry-level talent. Regardless of whether you are hiring entry-level engineers, recruiters, or marketers, there will be specific individuals with high-valued skills that will stand out from the rest. You need to understand how to identify, train, and keep that talent with your company long-term. 

Entry level interview

Tips for Hiring Entry-Level Talent 

There are many things to consider when hiring someone for an entry-level job. Some useful tips for identifying the right candidates include the following. 

  1. Asking Situational Interview Questions – Try asking hypothetical questions in different work-related situations, such as “what will you do if….” instead of plain behavioral questions like “describe a situation when…”. These questions will help you understand how employees will use their skills on the job instead of only focusing on their past experiences. Most of the time, recent graduates do not have previous work experiences to build on. So, focus on other things like volunteer work, conference attendance, and internships. 
  1. Skill-Based Assessments – Give applicants an assessment or project to do that simulates the intended job responsibilities as a part of the hiring process. The right assessments can help you see how specific candidates use their skills regardless if they have previous work experience. 

Entry level employees working
  1. Phone Interviews and Group Interviews – Phone interviews are a great way to assess candidates during the initial hiring stages. They can help you identify any deal breakers and see whether an applicant fits the company. Group interviews can also be arranged if the job requires regular collaboration between different teams or departments to help you evaluate whether a candidate is a team player. 

Some Qualities of Skilled Entry-Level Talent 

As the hiring environment is changing rapidly, finding candidates that align well with your company’s values and promote the company’s growth is imperative. Some common entry-level qualities that you should look out for include the following. 

  1. Fit With the Company Culture – While hiring entry-level talent, you should not consider the resume as the single source of truth. Instead, know what your company is looking for and what kind of culture you want to build. Will the new candidate fit within that? Identify the candidates you know will get along well with your current team. 
  1. Self-Motivated – Self-motivation is a trait you should always look for in every candidate. At the entry-level, an applicant might not have much experience or many references to give you an idea of what kind of employee they would be. Ask questions about what motivates them to work and where they want to see themselves in five years. You need to be sure that they are as invested in your company as the company is in them. Be mindful about hiring someone who is looking for “any job” as they may leave the company if they find a better opportunity. 
  1. Rise to the Challenge – Hire someone who will take the challenge on and try to solve the problem instead of waiting for someone else to fix it. The candidate should be self-motivated to take on workplace challenges and respond to issues. The potential candidate should be interested in rising above the challenge and taking a hands-on approach. 
  1. Hunger – Another quality to look for in a potential candidate is a hunger for success and determination for career progression. They should be motivated and excited about their career and they should understand the importance of hard work. Therefore, you need to hear their personal stories of what drives their personal and work ethics every day. 

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