Sales Jobs: Demystifying The Role of Sales 

Sales jobs are one of the most demanding and challenging career options, and becoming a sales representative is not a piece of cake. With hundreds of phone calls, hustling leads, and time spent figuring out the perfect pitch, sales is a fast-paced career. Beyond incessant calling and convincing, sales jobs are about building human relationships, communication, patience, and analytics. Sales are an integral part of every business in all industries. 

Salespeople are responsible for selling products and services to customers based on their needs and expectations. They identify prospective clients, nurture trust, build meaningful relationships, provide them with information about their company’s offerings and bring new customers on board to make purchases. In this article, we will answer the most common questions about the role of salespersons. 

Who Gets Hired in Sales?

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There are no specific requirements for a sales job. However, a diploma or a degree in marketing will give you leverage over other candidates. Previous sales experience and retail or marketing work also counts. Interpersonal skills like confidence, friendliness, enthusiasm, patience, and the ability to work under pressure are quite valuable for sales jobs. 

Is It Only Extroverts?

Despite popular belief, both introverts and extroverts have personality traits that can make them excel at their sales job. Studies have shown that there is no correlation between extraversion and sales performance. 

Is There a Personality Type?

A study has shown that ambiverts – individuals who are neither introverted nor extroverted – perform the best at sales jobs. These people are neither quiet nor loud. They are not pushy but know how to assert themselves. Ambiverts strike the right balance between speaking and listening. They know when to speak and when to listen. 

Is It All Commission Based?

Sales commission is standard in most sales jobs. The commission motivates employees, drives sales and rewards employees to do better. However, there is usually a base salary, and your commission is the percentage of your sales. The rate of commission can be flat or ramped and increases gradually as the employee makes more sales. 

Do You Have a Base Salary?

Yes, most sales representatives have a base salary. This base salary will depend on their role and the company they work for. Usually, the base salary is just enough to cover the basic expenses. 

Do You Need Experience in Sales to Go into Sales?

You do not need any work experience to get a sales job. However, you should be willing to start from the bottom and do the actual legwork. You should have a rudimentary understanding of the sales process and should be able to articulate your interest in sales. 

Do Companies Train You?

Yes, most businesses offer extensive training to new sales representatives. There will be training programs that explain how to sell and what to sell. Extensive sales training sets employees up for success in the future. 

Do You Need to Be a Product Expert?

Yes, you need to be a product expert to have a career in sales. You should know all about your company’s literature, mission, and vision. You don’t want to be caught off guard when the customer asks a question about your product or company. You must fully understand the product to sell it.

Do You Need a Degree?

As mentioned above, you do not need a higher education degree to enter sales. However, a diploma or certification in sales will give you a competitive advantage. 

Do You Need to Be on the Road All the Time or Can You Work From Home?

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The global pandemic forced even salespersons to work from home. However, the transition was less smooth than in other jobs. The job can be done remotely via personalized marketing outreach strategies, emails, messages, virtual product demonstrations, and following up. 

How Do You Get “Discovered” for Sales Roles?

A recruiter views thousands of profiles daily, so you must do something unique to be discovered for sales roles. The best way to be discovered by a recruiter is by changing the headline to something that reflects the kind of work you do or the kind of work you are looking for. Usually, LinkedIn uses your current job title as the headline by default. 

Are There Natural Backgrounds for Sales? 

People who have worked in customer service, recruiting, retail, and marketing are ideal for sales jobs. The key is truly understanding the product and/or service they are selling and communicating its effectiveness to their customers. 

What Are the Highest Paying Sales Roles? 

Some of the highest-paying sales roles include digital sales, consulting sales, consumer packaged goods sales, medical device sales, enterprise sales, sales engineering, software sales, startup business development, and telecommunications sales. 

What Are the Highest Paying Work-From-Home Sales Roles?

Some of the highest-paid work-from-home sales roles include sales support specialist, telesales representative, remote sales development representative, sales associate, contact center sales specialist, and remote account executive. 

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