Are Employer Values Now at the Top of Job Seekers’ Wish Lists?

Help Wanted

Today’s job market is experiencing a massive shift in what has been dubbed “The Great Resignation” era, which many now believe didn’t even start with the pandemic. Either way, workers have been leaving their jobs more commonly than ever before in search of better opportunities. One of the biggest findings to come out of this […]

Top 5 Values Job Seekers Want from Employers

Job Seeker Values

In today’s competitive job market, job seekers have become more discerning about the companies they choose to work for. It’s no longer just about the salary and benefits package. Job seekers want to work for companies whose values align with their own. The pandemic caused a spike in concern for values and career development, with […]

What Are the Best Degrees for New Graduates?

Best Degrees for Recent Graduates

The best degree for each individual will depend on their unique interests, skills, and career goals. It’s important to consider the job market and demand for specific skills when choosing a degree. Additionally, it’s important to choose a degree that you are passionate about and will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need […]